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PCD Pharma Companies Product Price list – The utmost aspect while opting for the PCD pharma line is the product price list. PCD pharma companies product price list along with the difference of working model of PCD companies and other ethical and generic companies. On a net rate basis, the PCD Pharma Company provides goods. And to sell products in the area, the PCD pharma franchisee has total responsibility. At any price you want, you can sell those products. However, the rates of products are fixed. (20% less from Maximum retail price or any other percentage) in any pharma industry in any ethical company. Here below check out more details about PCD Pharma Companies Product Price list.

Now in PCD Pharma Company, you have to promote the company’s products in your area and there are no medical representatives working in the market on behalf of the company. It is totally your responsibility to market and sells your products in your area. However, in ethical pharma companies, to promote and market its products in your area, Medical representatives are provided by the company only. For marketing and promotions, you don’t have to bear any expenses at your end.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company has very little control over price and net rates. Franchisees, try to give as maximum profit as possible. In this way, a company can establish their brands in the market by giving discounts to the distributors and it becomes a factor of popularity. A fixed minimum profit is given to you, an ethical company. A number of many distributors all over in the same market, no one can have monopoly rights for that area.



There is no medical rep, In Pcd pharma companies working in the field. It is the sole responsibility of the franchisee to market and supplies the products in his area. Whereas in ethical companies Medical Reps are provided by the company itself to promote its products in the area.

The company provides goods to the franchisee on a net rate basis, as PCD pharma franchisee has the sole responsibility to market and distribute products in his area, . The distributor can sell those products at any price as he wants. But in an ethical company, the price of products is fixed. (from MRP 30% less or any other less).

PCD Pharma Franchise company keeps minimum profit with itself. as he has established the products of the company in the market,it tries to give the advantage of the popularity of the brand to distributors. Whereas in the ethical company a fixed minimum profit is kept with the company and very less profit is given to distributors and there are multiple distributors all across the area.

Price list important for PCD Pharma Distributors

From the difference between the MRP of the product and net rate of the product, a distributor calculates his margin at which he is getting the product from the company.

Below is the process to calculate his margin:

  • For instance, the MRP of the product is 1000 rupees and net rate is 200 rupees.
  • To retailer on MRP, distributor gives 20% margin so now the money he gets is 1000 – 200 = 800
  • Now distributor gives 30% margin to the doctor for prescribing his products, 30% of 800 is 240 rupees.
  • He gets the money then, 800 – 240 = 560 rupees.
  • Now 10% of the MRP is his expenses (salaries, transportation charges, damages etc) = 80
  • So after selling one box the money he gets is 480.
  • Hence the net profit is 480 – 200 = 280.

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